Silva Regina Brünn Messe

Silva Regina Brünn Mess

with our partner EKO Bandit

Our dealer EKO Bandit was represented at the renowned Silva Regina Brno trade fair! As a leading provider of shredding solutions for the forestry and timber industry, we always present our latest technologies and innovations to meet the needs of our customers.

Silva Regina Brünn Messe mit ECO Bandit

The “Silva Regina Brünn” trade fair is an important trade fair for the forestry and wood industry that takes place annually in Brno, Czech Republic. It offers a comprehensive platform for companies, professionals and interested parties to find out about the latest developments, technologies and trends in the industry. The trade fair covers various areas such as forestry technology, wood processing machines, sawmills, timber trading and much more. In addition to the presentation of products and services, the trade fair also offers networking opportunities and specialist lectures on current industry topics. With a large number of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, the “Silva Regina Brno” trade fair is an important meeting point for the forestry and timber industry.